A cybersecurity-focused distribution of RIOT

About RIOT-fp

RIOT-fp is a research project on cyber-security targeting low-end, microcontroller-based IoT devices, on which run operating systems such as RIOT and a low-power network stack.

Taking a global and practical approach, RIOT-fp gathers partners planning to enhance RIOT with an array of security mechanisms. The main challenges tackled by RIOT-fp are:

  1. developing high-speed, high-security, low-memory IoT crypto primitives,
  2. providing guarantees for software execution on low-end IoT devices, and
  3. enabling secure IoT software updates and supply-chain, over the network.

Beyond academic outcomes, the output of RIOT-fp is open source code published, maintained and integrated in the open source ecosystem around RIOT. As such, RIOT-fp strives to contribute usable building blocks for an open source IoT solution improving the typical functionality vs. risk tradeoff for end-users.